Tuta-Me (Pty) Ltd

Product /services: We are a mobile application that connects tutors and students to provide tutoring services to students that need them. Edu-Tech: we provide one-to-one tutoring through our mobile application.


What makes our company unique? Our app looks to seamlessly integrate students and tutors. Tutors set their own rate, availability and areas that they want to tutor. Students are able to find tutors that best meet their needs in terms of subject, area and time. The app also rates the tutors and students to ensure quality is maintained.


Value Proposition: We would like to empower tutors to be their own micro entrepreneurs. Another need we are addressing is education and making it affordable and accessible to all.


Short description: Our service is convenient and it is the first of its kind in South Africa. We are tutoring on demand – the Uber of tutors.


Our team: Abed Tau is a CA (SA) and looks after the business side of Tutor me and finance. Dylan Hyslop is a Computer Science Major and is CTO of Tutor me. Maps Maponyane looks after the branding and marketing.


Team leaders: Abed Tau, Co-founder and head of business Development, Dylan Hyslop Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Maps Maponyane head of Branding, Bianca Raftopolous, Marketing Coordinator.


Comments about #Hack.Jozi Challenge and our experience: it’s been such an eye opening experience; from defining who exactly our customer is, to how the service should be delivered to cater to different market segments. The mentorship is crazy-great. We believe #HackJozi Challenge will soon see a Zuckerburg emerge.




Web address: tuta-me.co.za

Twitter: @tuta_me

Facebook: Tuta-Me