Technovera Pty Ltd

Product / services: Leveraging smart lockers as pick up points for chronic medication collections in the public sector.


What makes our company unique? Using our technology chronic, stable patients are able to collect their medication in a few minutes as opposed to standing for hours in queues.  


Value Proposition: We use technology to address the challenge of long waiting times for chronic stable patients that are currently spending hours every month queuing when they need to refill their script. We want to improve patient care by ending the indignity of long queues. I used to be a patient collecting treatment from a public clinic. It’s really an unpleasant experience to wait the whole day just to manage your condition. 


Short description: Speed up services for chronic medication collection that works. No more long waiting times at public healthcare facilities.


Our team: We are a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in engineering (electrical, mechanical and industrial), manufacturing, software development, business science and accounting.


Team leader: Neo Hutiri – Founder and lead entrepreneur


Comments about Hack Jozi Challenge and our experience: It’s an awesome platform for entrepreneurs with great ideas about making the City better. Citizens finding ways to help our municipality serve our people better by leveraging on technology.