Product / services: Gradrr provides a complete platform for supporting the assessment function of educational institutions.  It aids in the complete assessment function from preparation, production, distribution, collection, grading, and analysis of all manner of assessment methods.


What makes our company unique?  There is currently no mature, server-based, feature-rich, vendor-neutral, assessment and grading suite of technologies for the education industry. We have the foundation of this innovative platform.


Value Proposition: By modernising the assessment function, an educational institution can dramatically reduce the cost of conducting assessments, while realising a host of operational and academic benefits.


Our team: Suniel Seejiram is the Co-founder and Acting General Manager for Gradrr. He is a successful entrepreneur, a technology visionary, an expert consultant and has 15 years business experience. Stephen Bell is Co-founder and Acting Systems Developer for Gradrr. He holds a BSc in Comp Sci. and Inf. Systems and a Diploma in Datametrics. He has 17 years’ business experience. Stephen is the brains behind the innovation engine at Gradrr. He is the primary systems developer, and excels at deploying new technologies and is constantly working on the cutting edge in computer and information sciences. Stephen is devoted full-time to the successful development and market success of all technologies being developed at Gradrr.


Comments about #Hack.Jozi Challenge and our experience: I think the #HackJozi Challenge is an amazing platform for South Africa. Who knows what will come of it in the next few years. All I can say is that we have talented young entrepreneurs and we should continue this activity and change the way the world looks at our country.