Product /services: An online platform for submitting building plan applications to the municipality.


What makes our company unique? My business model allows the municipality to enjoy this value for free, thus reducing the barriers to doing business with government. The users will pay for the service.


Value proposition: The public as well as the municipality suffer through an inefficient, manual process for submitting building plan applications. Municipalities are inundated with thousands of building plan applications on a monthly basis, all of which require mountains of paper, which often get lost during and after the approval process. The process itself is time-consuming and costs the public thousands of rands while waiting for approvals and sometimes the tediousness of the process leaves room for the public to bypass the system and build illegally.


Short description: Efficiency, cost savings and convenience facilitated through an online platform for submitting building plan applications.


Our team: I am a practicing architect and have experienced the problem that I am trying to solve first hand. This is how this business idea was formed.


Team leader: Lomile Mokoka – Director.


Comments about #Hack.Jozi Challenge and our experience: It has exposed me to knowledgeable individuals who have forced me to test and research all possibilities and potential pitfalls of my business. Through the #Hack.Jozi experience, I have gone to great lengths to thoroughly research my idea and my clients.