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Product /services: LCERT (Low Cost Educational Robotics Toy) Kit which includes hardware, software and activities.


The LCERT hardware will be sold, and the accompanying software will be distributed for free. Educational institutes will be given the opportunity to customise the activities to adhere to and enhance their own curricula and outcomes.


What makes our company unique? The LCERT is a system that was created to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education in South African classrooms and educational institutions. The activities that accompany the hardware and software are designed to enhance the curriculum of each education institution. The LCERT is being designed to easily integrate with existing smart infrastructure in developing schools, such as Android tablets. Education institutions can customise their activities to adhere to and enhance their own curricula and outcomes.


Value Proposition: There is a lack of access to resources used to demonstrate theoretical STEM content to learners in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the developing world. This is mainly because there is a lack of affordable solutions that are readily available and accessible. After designing LCERT, I knew that I couldn’t let the great work I had started end up only on paper. I realised that I needed to bring LCERT to life, so that I could better the lives of the next generation of creators and innovators.


Short description: The LCERT kit is a low cost educational set of electronic and mechatronic resources, intended for the South African market and the rest of the developing world. The kit consists of smart modules that may be connected to form electronic circuits, as well as programmed using a Visual Programming Interface on a tablet or PC to create robots and other mechatronic systems.


Our team: I was born and bred in Soweto, and I’ve lived in Johannesburg for my entire life. Ever since I was a little boy playing with LEGO and selling lollipops to my classmates, I’ve only had two dreams, the first was to change the world and the other was to become an astronaut. After watching Iron Man, I knew that engineering was my true calling, and that it would help me achieve both of my dreams. After matriculating, I went on to study Aeronautical Engineering at Wits University, where I graduated in 2014, with distinctions for my final year theses. In 2015, I completed my Engineering internship at Denel Dynamics where I got to work on project management, technical design and manufacturing on a new missile design.  Throughout my studies, I have been lucky enough to do highly technical vacation work on various projects at Denel Dynamics involving missiles, and UAVs (drones).


Team leader: Nthato Moagi (Founder & CEO)


Comments about #Hack.Jozi Challenge and our experience: Participating in the #Hack Jozi Challenge has been an amazing experience for me. The mentorship and coaching that I have received over the last couple of weeks has enabled me to take my invention from a concept to a viable business with a great value proposition. I have also been able to engage with other like-minded individuals and mentors, who have encouraged me to keep pushing forward with LCERT since it has the potential to improve STEM education in our country and in the developing world.




Video links: (YouTube): LCERT Hack Jozi Elevator Pitch –