Advicement Investment Services (Pty) Ltd

Product /services: Automating the functions of a Financial Advisor and providing automated financial advice to young professionals.


What makes our company unique?  We are able to provide an in-depth analysis and use latest financial techniques to create an optimal portfolio of investments for our customers.


Value Proposition: The idea arose from the success of robo-advisors overseas.

Short description: A web platform where people can receive automated financial advice; avoid financial advisors with high fees; access investments best suited for them; and access the right tools to understand their investment and reach their financial goals.


Our team: Igor Rodionov currently lectures a course about South African Financial Markets and previously worked in a number one-rated quant team for over two years.


Team leader: Igor Rodionov (Managing Director)


Comments about #Hack.Jozi Challenge and our experience: It has been a great learning experience with a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.



Advice(ment) 600 by 138


Web address: (under construction)

Twitter: @Advicement_SA

Facebook: Advicement